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Turbo Disk (built-in cascade type)

featuring (a) high paint atomization performance, (b) high quality finish with uniform paint film and (c) more than 90% high transfer efficiency

  • High speed and Coanda air effect work together to produce uniform and fine particles for high quality finish with uniform coating film.
  • Coanda air assisting to convey paint particles, it greatly improves wraparound and penetration to cavities on a workpiece.
  • 99 coating pattern memory mechanism, quick color change mechanism and fairing cover mechanism are of great help to enhance the productivity.
  • Disk speed sensor/display indicates the rotation speed of the disk, which makes setting of the rotation speed easier.
  • Various types of disk made available for selection according to work shape, coating material etc.
  • Safety improvement by built-in high voltage power supply (cascade) eliminating high voltage cable.

Turbo Disk

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