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15 Gallon Galvanized

Description :

All Stainless Steel lid, including all wetted parts and fittings. Disposable liner kits are also available for pressure tanks.----- No Reg.-No Agit. 83G-1500 Single Reg.-No Agit. 83G-1510 Double Reg.-No Agit. 83G-1520 Single Reg.-Std. Agit. 83G-1513(I) Double Reg-Std Agit. 83G-1523(I) Single Reg-Opt Agit 83G-1516(R)

Name : 15 Gallon Galvanized
Part Number : 83G-15XX Series
Family : Galvanized Tanks
Type : Pressure Tank
Wetted Materials : Galvanized lid and tank shell
Fluid Out : Fluid Outlet = 3/8" NPS
Capacity : 19.8 Gallons - 83G-1523 shown
Regulation : Single, Double, or none
Agitator : Standard (Indirect), Optional (Reciprocating), or none
Liners : PTL-415-K10
Bottom Outlet : Bottom Outlet Conversion Kit Available order QMS-443

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